Home Stay - Winter Greens


WINTER GREENS a nature based resort that offers a peaceful, salubrious accommodation venue for corporate events to be held is one such bright feather in its cap. Several vital outbound training programmes are conducted within the verdant, restful confines of this beautiful destination. The discerning corporate bigwigs seeking to enhance productivity of themselves and their employees concur that Winter Greens offers the ideal place and opportunity to combine business with pleasure. A novel idea conceptualized on the premise that man is best complimented by nature, this resort is set on a sprawling 17 acres of evergreen plantation lush with rare, medicinal flora infusing the fresh air with sweet fragrance.


Our Texan styled Accommodation cottages ensure that our guests are literally pampered in the lap of nature because each cottage has been aesthetically built out of natural wood and eco-friendly material. Our guests revel in their direct interface with raw wilderness. Each cottage is delicately tucked away between swaying coconut palms and a profusion of surrounding vegetation such as Vanilla, Teak, Areca, Coconut, Silver Oak, Pepper, Chickoo and Mango plantations. It is situated on a man made island being fed by fresh source of water from a nearby lake. Even hot water provided to the cottages is generated by harnessing the energy inherent in forest waste, thus conserving valuable natural resources. This energy is also harnessed for cooking purposes at the resort thus enhancing the natural flavour of our delectable ethnic cuisine.