Home Stay - Malnad Escapades


Homestays in Chikmagalur provide a unique opportunity to experience the way of life of local people of an area along with indigenous and traditional cultures. Homestays in Chikmagalur are bungalow accommodation usually located in Coffee / Tea Estates. Homestays also provide an opportunity for visitors to experience a place in an authentic, comfortable and homely setting.

Homestays as the term suggests means staying in someones home. By definition a home is "a dwelling place together with a family unit that occupies it - a household" (Encarta). Homestays are not merely a place of accommodation for travellers, and should not be confused with "Bed n Breakfast", "Inns" or "Lodging Houses".Nestled amidst the enchanting hill overlooking coffee estate, MAiNAD HOME STAY is a delightfully quaint abode offers the visitor a panoramic view of coffee estate remaining withdrawn from the hustle and bustle of life down below. The perfect getaway.

With the homely atmosphere you'll scarce imagine you are away on vacation. Except, of course, when you wake up in the morning and look out of the window. All you'll see are misty coffee estates and a wide range of mountains. And all you'll hear is the chirp of birds.

Mainad Estate holiday home is amidst 200 acres of lush green coffee and pepper plantation and distant mountain views through the million shades of green. You are in splendid isolation from the world, though neither from the bird life not the butterflies - both ubiquitous and beauhe atmosphere is unpolluted in every sense. The holiday home has a century old estate house which has two separate double bed rooms, and one can hear the streams flowing down the mountains.

A walk through the coffee estate with your loved one, trekking to test your limits, not to mention fitness level, a quiet afternoon at the water falls make this place an ideal stay for anyone looking for close encounters with Mother Nature and her bounty.

Enchanting as the place sounds, it is the perfect place to fill your days with activity that while might tire your body, relaxes your mind. Serene days and evenings filled with cheer around the campfire and a quite place to relax. Does life need anything more.

  • 265 kms from Banglore,
  • 150 kms from Mangalore,
  • 60 kms from chickmanglur,
  • 30 kms from mudiger

Places to visit- Hornadu, kudremuk, River Hemavathi's birth place, Kelagur Tea plantations.Dharmastala, Belur, Halebedu, Sringeri