Home Stay - Makenagadde

General Information

Mekanagadde Homestay combines the comfort and personal hospitality, informality and local knowledge enjoyed when staying with family friends. A Homestay offers an insight into the culture, traditions, history and everyday life of an Indian family. What’s more, guests get the chance to enjoy authentic traditional food at its very best - home cooked.

Stretches of greenery as far as the eyes can see,  where angles and gods prefer to dwell. A placid  relaxing ambiance. Quietude broken only by the  chirping of birds, rustling of leaves and chipping of  crickets. The cool and gentle breeze refreshes your  mind and body at the lap of this heavenly picnic spot  –  a tranquil pleasure dome. Rejuvenate your mind and body by being one with the nature here.

Activities includes:

  • Trekking to Shishila Gudda (Ettina Bhuja) - This includes a temple and trek to hill. This is the most wonderful place and is probably the only one of its kind, in the whole surroundings of Mudigere and Sakleshpur. Click here to view the photo of Ettina Bhuja.

  • Trekking to Pandavar Gudda - This place is a historical place where all believe that the pandavas  stayed during their vanavas and there is a temple which is believed to be 1000 years old by the archaeological survey of india.

    We can go by walking from the homestay or by vehicle which is 1.0 Km away. The backside of the temple is surrounded by hills and front is the villages which touch the skies. Click here to view the photo of  Pandavar Gudda.

  • Visit to remote waterfall - A good waterfall to enjoy which is covered with trees.

  • Campfire - It is included with the package and where you can share joys around campfire.

  • Walking around the village - A walk around and inside the coffee estate.

  • Games - Cricket, volleyball, badminton and indoor games like chess, carom etc.