Home Stay - Rottikallu


Nestled 3700 feet above from sea level in the foothills of Western Ghats (one of the world's eight hottest bio diversity hotspots) of Sakleshpur in the southern Karnataka eco belt is a heavenly place called Rotti-kallu.

Sakleshpur itself is a beauty town which gives you a warm welcome, when you are on your way from Bangalore to Mangalore and other coastal parts of Karnataka through its scenic beauty, lush green coffee plantations, enchanting mountains, streams and off course a pleasant, chilling and romantic weather conditions. So imagine a place which is 24Kms away from this beauty town at the foothills of Western Ghats and boasts most of the originating points for River Hemavathi (A major sub river of River Cauvery ).

Rotti-kallu Home-stay is spread over 20 acres, landscaped by god. A major stream cuts through this landscape, adding to the beauty. We firmly believe eco conservation, awareness and stress relief of the corporate world are the two things that are need of hour and we have made sure we have everything in place to achieve this two point agenda. We have facilities to accommodate all age groups, be it lovely children's, be it lonely couples, be it a happy family, be it a enthusiastic Bachelors or be it mighty elders.

Come to Rotti-kallu to turn your holiday, weekend into a truly memorable and a home away from home experience.

What is Rotti-kallu and where are we?

As most of us might be aware Western Ghats are one of the hottest bio-diversity hotspots in the world and control the climate aspects of the entire southern India. Sakleshpur, is one such place to be blessed to be a host to a range of western ghats and Rottikallu is one such beautiful, enchanting view point located exactly 7 kms from here. Its a viewpoint with a 100ft waterfall and a with a view of 30-35 thousand acres of dense forest.

Owing to the beauty of Rotti-kallu we have named our Home-Stay Facility as Rotti-kallu.

Hospitality, Conserving Nature and showcasing it to the external world without much interference to it are our main priorities.


  • Cottage and tent accommodation
  • Malnad Style Buffet
  • Party Set Up and Camp Fire
  • Beach Volley Ball
  • Play in Stream
  • Coracle Ride
  • Guided Trekking
  • Cricket
  • Water Foot Ball
  • Rope Bridge
  • Tarjon Swings
  • Adventure Activities