Home Stay -Kalasa Nammane


While Nammane is all about stay like at home, the outdoors beckon one to often roam. Set against the backdrop of the Sahayadri Hills, near the spiritual town of Kalasa, Chikmagalur district, the vast greens offer stunning nature to the explorer. Truly, nature here is often called Karnataka’s best kept secret!

Our heritage estate is authentically from the past. Right down to door latches and quaint bathing spaces there’s architectural rarity in plenty, both within our home and the region itself. What is very much the present though is out concept of hospitality that originates from modern vision and enterprise of the present generation at Nammane


We accomadte you within a heritage bungalow at the heart of Nammane with the following facilities -

5 bedrooms, fully furnished with heritage interiors, 4 with Attached bathrooms. All rooms have a view and a verandah nearby This apart, a TV and recreation room, a charming dining room and our outdoor view and party huts compete for your time and presence

Places Nearby

Our location gives us immediate access to some of Karnataka’s finest tourist destination. Kudremukh, Sringeri, Horanadu, Dharmasthala, Chikmagalur and Baba Baudans, vast tea and coffee plantations and the century old kalasheshwar temple reward the effort of short drive away.


Plantation walk
Birds watch
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